Driven by the success of the first initiatives, the city’s newest catering / private dining company, MAD Kitchen, was presented yesterday at a party that brought together many friends, industry professionals, and present and future clients.

It has a well-gymned catering service, with the capacity to cater events between 50 and (at least) a thousand people, but its skills take it further, to stages where discretion – or showmanship – and quality with lots of creativity are queens.

It has its genesis in three characters in the restaurant business who were looking for a project that would fulfill their ambition and respond to the demand – which remains real and numerous – for quality service and surprise.

From the kitchen come Chefs Angel Reyes and Marcelo Tomás, the former a well-known executive chef at SUD Lisboa, the latter with solid experience in catering (Bholdind, Foodstory) after a few years in the demanding London restaurant business.