Marcelo Tomás, Angel Reyes and Dhimant Radia are completely crazy about the art of good service. crazy about the art of creating delicacies that nourish the senses. about the art of the spectacle at the table. so crazy that they decided a year ago, in January 2020, to launch a differentiated catering company that organizes events and gastronomic and sensory experiences with a touch of magic, audacity and disruption. the three entrepreneurs together formed The MAD Kitchen. MAD because it represents the eccentricity of each one of them (and also means crazy, in english), as well as the initials of their names. since last May, they have been at the sitio alto de são joão, where they have their private office and where they held the first Dalí Dinner – an event that reveals the perfect fusion between gastronomy and spectacle. “this place represents, without a doubt, The MAD Kitchen, because of the mix between elegance and the urban. it has a fantastic atmosphere!”

What sets you apart from other catering companies?

The MAD Kitchen is a catering company formed by professionals with a vast national and international experience in haute cuisine. we brought innovation to the market through the use of new and authentic ingredients, such as Tomberry, Peta Zetas and gin and tonic spheres, prepared with the most avant-garde and daring techniques. our events are created with magic, audacity and disruption, a service of excellence with a touch of madness. “more than just food” is our motto!

How would you describe your dining experiences?

For The MAD Kitchen there are no limits. we serve canapés in cages, we recreate trays as if they were gardens, for example. but despite our eccentricity, we always aim to meet our customers’ requests.

They collaborated in the organization of the first Dalí Dinner in Portugal, a clear example of what they want to create through The MAD Kitchen. what is extraordinary about this event?

Dalí Dinners are “expect the unexpected”, where sensory stimulation is also served at the table! where there is a total immersion of the senses, thanks to the mesmerizing creativity of the chef. we are a team of “thinkers” of the gastronomic art, allied with scientists and researchers of the process of “decanting the spectacle of things”. this event is the perfect fusion between gastronomy and spectacle. for the realization of this experience, a dinner for 10 people, 37 employees are needed during two days, for example. there is a timetable between the dishes and the show, and the menu is composed of seven dishes and with each dish there is an associated “act”.